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Perdon Vida de mi Vida


Yesterday and the night before I had the honor and privilege of opening my humble casita to a dear, beautiful woman of color whom I love something fierce and beautiful. In fact just writing about having her here in a space that I am fighting to maintain as a safe haven for myself and my two hijas makes me all teary eyed. And for the less than 24 hours we spent together we cried, a few times. There were tears of relief at being physically with someone who understands and with someone with whom we can be ourselves and talk about things we dare not say in front of others. Where we make confessions and celebrate our work and worth, talk about our families and ancestors and how we bring them in to where we live now, where we comfort and love and support and take care.

That is radical.

What we need not to do is waste anymore time. We waste so much time and energy breaking down non-apologies that should read I obviously have work to do instead of I’m sorry but… and but I didn’t know that word was offensive.

Must have been a slip, a slip that I have seen and heard and read so many times on the internet from. So much that I was compelled to write a poem about it.

That is radical.


We have work to do.

And porque there is so much to do I move forward, embrace my sisters and do not assume that anyone is an ally until they prove otherwise.

Is that fucked up?

Maybe, pero it’s how I love myself and take care of myself and those close to me.