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Poema : balas en mi alcancía


Cuando me di cuenta que al fondo del pozo
ya no quedaba deseos para mi
vacie mis bolsillos
asalte los cojines del sofa
y las alcantarillas.
Cambie las mondas encontradas por balas.
De las latas vacillas
dejados en tu camino
invente alcancillas
pintadas con las caras de los muertos
y tire mis deseos de plomo
uno por uno
ahorando por un dia soleado.

Slip on Indie Feed


For those that haven’t heard my poetry before or seen me read in public, here’s a link to a piece I wrote in 2002 in response to an incident of a mommy site I was a part of. This recording came from the SPEAK! Radical Women of Color Media Justice Collective.

I’ll be speaking at Vassar with hermana BlackAmazon later this month.

Speak! doesn’t exist as a collective anymore, not an active one, and that has it’s own story with as many versions as members I’m sure. Pero what I am learning is that named collectives and collaborations are important and have their value pero the powerful connection, energy, love that I have shared, received, given from the other mujeres on that cd and the mujeres I interact with almost daily, that is almost to big for names, labels, organizational titles.

I don’t know how what I do happens, it just is my life and I am grateful for your place in it.

Hoy Es Tu Dia


For the sake of the children,
we rise,
hide easter eggs and baskets
pero now the date belongs to you,
The date is stolen from your own sister
who will not celebrate
pero instead stand
con los pies en el fango
before the place she too will be buried
along with my mother and the only tio.

Hoy es tu dia
and tus hermanas
think every ache
every pain
is more than just loss.
They become warnings
possible sickness
impending death
if not of los cuerpos
then of their minds
which have now been trained to expect the worse
thanks to your senos
your cesos
los pechos de titi Masi and Titi Lucy
el derrame cerebral de la abuela
and milagros that rosarios have stopped bringing.

Hoy es tu dia
cada dia 12
cuando hace un mes
la vigilia no era para la resurrección
pero por el cese da la respiracion agobiante
la espera era los largos segundos
de sufrimiento cuando
I actually prayed for your death titi.

Hoy es tu dia,
and thats how it will always be
with a remembering of your death
and all the days of life before.