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Save the Date: CLPP’s 30th Anniversary Conference April 8-10


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Yours truly, Mala, will be co-facilitating a workshop with two inspirational mujeres, T.K. of the New Mythos Project and Rachel Caballero, a Community Caregiver de Tejas on self-care and healing as an act of resistance against colonialism at the CLPP Conference April 8-10th in Amherst.

One of the things I will be sharing is how redefining media and using media to speak truth can be a healing and developmental process for M/Others, Mamis and Community Caregivers of Color.

I hope that those who can come out. I have never been to this conference so I don’t know how the space is like and that always makes me nervous and defensive. I will be blogging & tweeting as the network there makes possible.

You can find out more and register here.

La Mala is an Immigration Scholar and is Going to Netroots Nation to Prove It


scholarship image
National blogger conferences are always funny things to me.
I’ve been blogging for many years and not to give myself too many props, pero I was one of the earlier radical women of color blogging on personal issues as political issues and then branched out.
I have been fortunate enough to link my blogging to my history of activism and even to my poetic artistry.
And yet, for multiple reasons, I am not funded and most of what I do is a hustle inside of a hustle out of love for justice.
This means that national conferences that talk about how to talk about the issues and strategies and probably most importantly,
are places to network and share info, even conference held by orgs claiming to rep my interests, are out of my reach. I’m a single mami who makes justice centered media in various forms.

Pero this week I will be attending Netroots Nation this week gracias to a scholarship from America’s Voice that is bringing me and other pro-migrant bloggers to Pittsburgh.

I’m grateful and looking forward to this opportunity to share ideas, experiences and strategies.

PS: The scholarship covers my travel and my hotel. If you would like to donate to feed the Rican blogger click below. Gracias!