Quiero Volver Empezar – Again


i have said it multiple times and have yet to do it…to come back to more personal blogging/writing, where it all began so many years ago – when I was just another single activist mami trying to figure out her way around la vida.

Since then so much has changed – becoming and being recognized as a political blogger, becoming a mami again, becoming not single and living with someone to becoming single with two kids to becoming not single (kinda sorta)

Some things never change. I am still following my heart which yes on more than one occasion has gotten me into trouble. I’m still broke pero mejor broke and happy que rich and miserable or feeling like I have betrayed who I really am. My core dreams/projects remain so (book) and I am trying to create with my family and it’s ever changing definition the world I am also trying to create – based in love and justice (same thing?)

I need to return to this. Political blogging feels like swimming upstream in a gross rive at times, especially as a radical woman of color. Claro the personal is the political and that is what I return to – radical raiz core root writing como mami, mujer como yo.

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