TwitterPut@ (Or Just Plain Put@) Revisited


The term twitterput@ was birthed from a relationship, that doesn’t exist anymore, with one specific person. I mourned that loss for a very, very long time and along with the eclipse/solstice came a letting go. That is not to say that crossing paths with with said person doesn’t invoke some pangs of regret (that is regret, not guilt, don’t get it twisted), I think/hope I can move on a little from that back into my normal game.

Dancing one night at la Kueva and engaging in some Paraguayan take-out, dancing in Detroit morphing into conversations about retiring to Oaxaca, and twitterputeri@s that I choose over actually going out have reminded me, reawakened my put@ tendencies in a way I had put into semi-retirement as per a request from my broken heart.

Pero la Mala vive…with big plans for el new jeer.


  1. ja ja. I’m glad I could make someone smile.
    Cuidate mucho. Un abrazo a ti y a la nena…..espera mi llamada. I am going on a phone call holiday frenzy over the next few days :)

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