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This is a project that yours truly is intimately involved in. Please consider submitting.

aaduna seeks to uncover new and emerging creative visionaries, especially people of color, in the realm of fiction, poetry, non-fiction, and the visual arts

Submission Philosophy:

aaduna seeks to broaden the current online paradigms associated with publishing works by emerging writers and artists especially for people of color. From a multicultural viewpoint, aaduna comprehends the fact that while cultures and ethnicities tend to exist separate from each other, that development is a political, social, and contrived construct. Therefore, aaduna seeks to erase such artificial distinctions, and welcomes submissions from emerging writers and visual artists whose work goes beyond expectations based solely on physicality or cultural characteristics. While aaduna is primarily interested in providing a viable publishing platform for people of color, the world is huge, and there is a widening audience for other artists whose creativity reflects voices that are divergent; voices that are powerful, and voices committed to change.

The aaduna editorial policy is committed to presenting work in the manner and style that reflects how the creative person behind the work wants to see that work presented to the public, realizing that the most effective judge of any work’s quality and import ultimately rests within the marketplace. It is within this reality that aaduna will be a conduit for providing the public with works that are stimulating, enjoyable, insightful, open for vigorous discussion, and in some measure, a catalyst to embolden the intellect, imagination, and human spirit.

aaduna does not provide honorarium. However, aaduna will work with each published artist to build an appropriate platform that may lead to a wide variety of market opportunities.

Aaduna si dofa rey. (The world is huge.)

The Process (Unpublished Work Only)

Submitters must complete steps 1 & 2.*

Step 1.
Mail one copy of your titled double-spaced short story, essay, or self-contained novel excerpt. Please print the work on one side of the page. You may send no more than two pieces of prose.

You may submit up to three poems at a time. Please set your poem as it should appear in print. Three poems will count as the equivalent of one prose submission.

Visual artists should forward work that is self-contained and projects a thematic story. Submit the work electronically in a slide-show or video format applicable to Word or PDF document review. You are encouraged to mail such work as a hard copy story board but such mailing is not a requirement. Visual artists are limited to one submission.

Mail your material in a manila sized envelope on or before the submission deadline. Make sure you enclose a cover letter, bio, and all necessary contact information. Include a self-addressed, stamped mailing envelope if you want your work returned to you. aaduna will not return any submitted work without a SASE. Mail to:

144 Genesee Street Suite 102-259
Auburn, New York 13021
Attention: Keith Leonard, Submissions Manager

Step 2.
E-mail the same information that you mailed, to

aaduna will acknowledge receipt of submitted material via e-mail.

*If step 1 would prevent you from submitting to aaduna, indicate this fact in your cover letter and request that aaduna waive this step.

Submission Deadlines are as follows:

November 13, 2010 is the deadline for the February 28, 2011 Premier Winter Issue. February 7, 2011 is the deadline for the June 6 Spring/Summer Issue, and May 30, 2011 is the deadline for the October 3 Fall Issue.

aaduna reserves the right to amend all dates due to unforeseen circumstances, and may notify submitters on a rolling basis. Submitters may contact aaduna via the submissions manager at any time


  1. I would very much like to submit my work for consideration, however I had a question and wasn’t sure if I should email or comment. My question is simply this: I write prose, and am particularly fond of the script format. Although this format is technically a literary drawing board for a visual, I am a writer, not a director. Can I submit a piece in script format so long as it is relatively short (around ten pages of mostly white space, thanks to the line set up)?

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