Humbled and Blessed


Mala breaks it down on the mic at the Bowery Poetry Club with her favorite lover between her legs, a glass of wine This past Sabado evening, I had the pleasure of reading at the Bowery Poetry Club as part of the debut performance event of the NYC Latina Writer’s Group.

I have been doing this poetry reading cosa for quite a few years now and it never gets old. The nerves start to rattle, I get flushed, then I get up on stage or in front of the mic and I just go, vibe of the audience, spit, flow, speak, release. Whenever I get off the stage I need a smoke. I’m usually trembling and it takes a few minutes for me to regroup, center myself. It’s like an amazing orgasm with an amazing lover who yes, really loves you.

There were two things that made this last reading extra special. One, my mom showed up. It was a total surprise and a nice one. For all my locuras, my mother has been one of my greatest fans. She was there when I was barely 18 and first read at the Nuyoricans and here she is now, wondering why the fuck I haven’t published a book yet. It’s not always easy having your mom in the audience, especially when my poems talk about fucking alot of the time. Who wants to hear about their daughter’s sex life, fucked up relationships, and struggles with politics and identity? Apparently my mom does because she keeps showing up to hear what’s new and I love her for that.

Two, the event was livestreamed. I had so much love coming from the twittersphere, it was almost more than a twitterputa could take. Kai, Bianca, Kevin, Maia, Alex, Lenee…and a whole mess of other loves of mine thank you, thank you, thank you. Just knowing that you were there in your chosen places on this planet we share, watching me, sharing that moment with me, gets me all kinds of teary eyed.

One of the things that I have really felt in these two weeks without poroto, has been how blessed I am. I really have surrounded myself in real life and in virtual life (and in intersecting places) with such an amazing group of gente. There are people that I really respect professionally and can count on personally. They are my extended familia and you, here, reading this are too.



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