How Can Mami Movements Move Forward and be Resourced



This is a continuation of this post, based on conversations had at the Women’s Equity Media Summit with Noemi and BFP.

In all honesty, I don’t even quite remember the questions we were answering pero I know that BFP primarily came up with this:

Multiple Media tools politicized for transformative justice

Are those our resources? Our goals? Part of our vision? Sounds like a plan of attack to me, a way to use our weapons of media, media as defined as how we communicate ourselves to others.

And how are mamis of color movements resourced?

501c3’s are not the only way we seek/need resources or want to be resourced as. We are more than charity cases, communities to be served.

BFP gave an excellent example about how in her hood the only way families, especially Latino families could get services like coats for the winter, was if they fit a certain mold, that is cleaned up and made themselves more presentable, looked deserving of services.

We should not be resourced based on our education but rather on our history of work

Education is a privilege. I personally have two years of college under my belt pero most people won’t even consider me for jobs or my opinion because I had to drop out to take care of my child. Forget the years of experience or how I have personally have helped others get their degrees. Without letters after my name on a piece of paper, I don’t fit in.

We should be resourced in terms of the role we play as part of larger struggles, as part of a continuation of historical lines of struggle.

We should not be tokenized

We should not be expected to compromise our values

We should not feel the need to compartmentalize ourselves

Resourced doesn’t just mean money, it means, especially within the context of online work, linking, citing

we should be resourced by the community, as we are part of the community

How are you resourced vs how you would like to be resourced?


  1. Hi Maegan,
    You can delete this comment if you’d like…I just don’t think I have an e-mail address for you.

    It relates to this comment. I know that it doesn’t fix the violence to patch things over for one person at a time…but I feel really lousy after reading what you wrote and wanted to try to patch a little bit.

    In my area, monthly passes (the only kind that you don’t go, “Ugggggghhhhh…do I REALLY want to deduct that balance off my card for this trip?” with) are sky-high unless you ride every single day, twice a day. I just looked at NYC and it looks like you have nearly identical prices on both per-ride and monthly.

    Although it didn’t take away that “Uggghhhh…do I really want to?” feeling, what did make it at least less money to ponder the question over was getting passes off Craigslist.

    Sometimes, people accumulated prepaid-fixed-value passes when they were given them at work but were drivers or something and would post them on Craiglist. Actually, that happened all the time–but sometimes, people would have them for 50% off or more. If they happened to be able to meet near where I’d already be during the day, it saved a lot of money and didn’t take too much time to get them.

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