Mujeres are Talking : Cripchick on Ableism

breakfast at my feet

breakfast at my feet

Post the Allied Media Conference there is alot of thinking, questioning and conversation happening. It’s one of the reasons I value the space so much because it puts me in that frame of mind. Already based on yesterday’s post, I am having mamis say what about those times when all you can do as a single mama of color is barely list up the damn remote.

Yes, what about those times and how do we hear that, really listen without being dismissive or saying “you ain’t down”.

La Mapu’s pancake nemesis, and a mujer who puts my tetaliciousness to shame, CripChick brings some preguntas on ableism as a way to open dialogue. Here’s a taste:

let’s talk about all the ways we practice internalized ableism towards each other.

why did these sisters assume the doctors/”professionals” were right and you simply misunderstood their intentions? why were all so quick to speak to *your* experiences?

did i ever dismiss your contributions to a space? did i do that as a way to exert power over you?

was i a part of creating a space where you could not participate? where you did not feel welcome?

why did your friend speak for you last week? was that what you had asked for or was it hurtful?

is part of the reason you run yourself ragged because you don’t trust us to hold things down? why do we expect and hold you to doing that?

why does your boss, your partner, your community, you, expect you to give everything you have and make you feel ashamed when you can’t?

who are the legitimate people in this movement? why are the hierachies we create the way they are? who do we consistently find at the top? at the bottom?

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