The Things We Don’t Talk About

They don’t tell you when you take the position as an interim executive director how you will have to comfort a jornalero whose mother just died in El Salvador. They don’t tell you how hard it will be to fire someone for the first time. They don’t tell you that you will have to write a letter of support for a man you only met once through a Plexiglas partition inside an immigration detention center. His mother will bring you chocolate cookies in gratitude. They don’t tell you that when you live tweet a state of the union, 7 years from when you covered the election campaign of the man who is now president, you as an executive director will question yourself as you tweet : is this too partisan, is this too anti-npic, will this jeopardize funding?

I will write a response to the State of the Union, like I used to when I was an independent journalist. The response won’t be just like it though. I will tie it to some current campaign of the organization I work for/with. I will try not to dis or offend some people with whom I share funders with (at least not too much).

A ver how much of my voice I have left.

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