NYRican in LA, mami, media maker, NPIC Boss Lady

NYRican in LA, mami, media maker, NPIC Boss Lady


This is an occasional series on things I am doing in my 40th year of life Self care is a way to overused term especially by people way younger than 30s who sometimes use self care to mean nurse a hangover when you know you had work the next day or some other shit. And …


A slightly blurry image of the New York City Skyline taken from a side walk in Queens

This is an occasionally updated series of 40 posts about well mu turning 40 As I wrote in the first post of this series two weeks ago, I blog (and began blogging) because I have a bit of an exhibitionist side but my exhibitionism has had consequences. My written words have hurt people. While I …


A birthday cake with its top layer of frosting gone, is tossed on someone's front lawn

About a month an a half ago I turned 40. I didn’t have a crisis about this. I didn’t think “holy shit I’m getting old”. I didn’t get sad. I’m doing alright for 40. In fact I’m doing better than I ever have at any other time in my life. I have a place to …