Abre el Sobre/Open

This is the continuation of over 20 years of journals, blog posts, message board notes, articles, tweets, status updates, and other social media history made by a Queens born & bred NYRican Mami Media Maker, noA pillow in the shape of a light brown person twerking upside downw in Los Angeles. I was once a broke ass single mami, now not so single, not so broke. Was once a journalist by professional, now am in the NPIC world. I have been published in books, have written for magazines, have been featured as a political commentator on television/radio, have been featured at conferences and in academia (even though I’m a college dropout).

I write about mami’hood, relationships, politics (especially immigration & Puerto Rico), identity, media making and all the places they intersect.

Please do not copy, scrape, quote without my explicit permission.